Klime-Ezee… Lean Thinking!

Klime-Ezee is a ‘Lean Thinking’ company that is passionate about three things…

Growing Our People – We teach and train our people every day to build a culture of learning, respect and self-improvement; we hold a stand up morning meeting for the entire company each morning to discuss our Lean Principles, Company Goals, Product Development and the Company Pulse as well as watch and discuss historical and culturally enriching videos.

Developing Great Products – We design and manufacture an excellent range of Mobile Warehouse Steps, Trucks & Trolleys and Bespoke Access Platforms. Taking direct feedback from our customers as well as internal development by everyone in the company we literally implement product daily!

Serving Our Customer – Everyone at Klime-Ezee is here to serve the customer, not just through excellent customer service but by constantly trying to remove anything that doesn’t add value to our processes or products. Everyone (and we mean everyone!) improves something by just 2 seconds every single day!

We know that by focusing all our attention on these simple goals, everything else takes care of itself!