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Our Narrow-Aisle Pro Range is perfect for use where space is at a premium! We have upgraded our narrow range to have a 450mm wide treads, which has maximised stability for the user. These steps are still light weight and are easy to manoeuvre. 

KNA Narrow Aisle Pro Mobile Steps
This range comes fully welded and ready to go! Manufactured from mild steel and with toe plate to all sides of the platform. Complete with a super high gloss powder coated finish and a brightly coloured braking system (for an additional safety feature). The smaller models come with 4 plunger castor feet which means the unit can turn in its own space, with larger models having our signature central braking system. 

Suitable for use in archives, warehouses (with aisle racking) and office environments.

Platform Height (mm) 500mm - 2000mm High
Tread Width (mm) 450mm Wide x 200mm Deep
Platform Size (mm) 450mm Wide x 400mm Deep
SWL (Kg) 300
Braking System 2 - 4 Tread : Plunger Castors
5 - 8 Tread : Central Lever Brake

Available Colours :
RAL : 5005
RAL : 3020
RAL : 1003
RAL : 6018
RAL : 7046

Dimensions & Information
Working Height - This is shown as a general guide between waist height and just above the shoulders of the average person, approximately 750mm range.
Overall Width – The main framework of the step is 500mm wide; the overall width shown is taken at the widest point, the axle, at the rear of the step.

Platform Size – As standard this consists of two treads giving a total working area of 450mm x 400mm deep. This can be extended (View Options & Extras).

Kick Plate - All steps have kick plate to all three sides of platform. 

Packing Information – When your step arrives with you, it will be fully assembled. It will have a small amount of foam protection on the top pulpit rail.
Height (mm)
H x W x L (mm)
KNA 02 2 500 1500 - 2250 1500 x 590 x 735 24
KNA 03 3 750 1750 - 2500 1750 x 590 x 735 33
KNA 04 4 1000 2000 - 2750 2000 x 590 x 920 45
KNA 05 5 1250 2250 - 3000 2250 x 630 x 1150 57
KNA 06 6 1500 2500 - 3250 2500 x 630 x 1360 64
KNA 07 7 1750 2750 - 3500 2750 x 630 x 1510 72
KNA 08 8 2000 3000 - 3750 3000 x 630 x 1580 80
NOTE: All dimensions and weights are approximate only. Klime-Ezee reserves the right to change / amend any dimensions without prior notice.

Change of brake type from standard may affect the overall width of the unit, should you require any further information, please contact us.
How to choose your step...

Looking For Options & Extra's?
We offer a range of options and extra's that can used to configure the design of your step to meet your exact specifications...
  • Walk Through Back or Side with Gate, Chain or Lifting Bars
  • Extended Platform Lengths
  • Flush Back Legs
  • No Access Entry Gates
  • Side Handle Braking System
View Options & Extra's

Call Us For More Information Regarding Options & Extras For This Range!
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