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Choosing a step can be quite a difficult task, especially if your not the one who is ultimately going to be using it! We have set out a few points for you to consider before purchasing a product, it is important that you do note the all of the points and ask the right questions to the right people to save any disappointment and headache having to return the item if its not right.

How To Choose The Correct Mobile Step For You

Q. What height do you need to work at? 
This height is not where the users feet stand on the platform, this height is based on the measurement between the waist and shoulders when the user is stood on the platform. You will notice that our dimensions tables all have a 'Working Height' measurement which you can match up to your own.

Q. What space or aisle width do you need to use the unit in? 
We offer several ranges which may suit your needs...
- Narrow Aisle Range: The back axles range from 540mm - 580mm, this range should be used only between racking or where space is at a minimum!
- Industrial & Knock Down Range: The back axles range from 850mm - 1320mm, these ranges can be used in any space.
- Extra Wide, Access Platforms & Truck Dock Range: The back axles range from 910mm - 1470mm, these ranges can be used in any space.

Q. Do you need to use this unit up against mezzanine flooring or a container wall?
If so you may require straight back legs so the unit fits flush up to where you need to work! We offer a modification to our standard industrial range called 'Flush Back Legs', please ask us about this option when requesting a quotation. 

Q. Is the standard working platform large enough?
Most of our Commercial and Industrial ranges come with a 400mm deep platform, however if this is not large enough we can extend it up to 1000mm long! If you still require further space on the platform we would suggest looking at the Truck Dock or Access Platform range! 
Please Note: By extending the platform on the standard ranges, the overall length extends with it. Please take this into account when adding on additional length to your platform.

Q. When using your step, will you need to exit the top platform?
If so you will require a walk through option, see 'Options & Extras' at the bottom of each product page!

Q. Does the step you have chosen fit through your doorways?
Check to see if there are any tight doorways or halls which your step needs to fit through to get to the required working area, also look to see if there are any low hanging lights or beams which it may not fit under!

Klime-Ezee Lingo...

Know our terminology to help you choose the correct product...
The 'REAR/BACK' of the steps...
We class the rear/back of the unit as the side with the rear axle and rear pulpit rail. 

The 'FRONT' of the unit...
We class the front of the unit, as the part where you activate the braking system and/or walk up the steps.

The 'OVERALL HEIGHT' of a unit is the total height from the ground to the pulpit rails. The overall height will be roughly at your waist when the unit is in use. 

The 'PLATFORM HEIGHT' is the height that you wish to stand at, from floor to feet. 

The 'PLATFORM WORKING HEIGHT' is the hight taken from your waist, to just above your shoulders. This will be the height in which you will work at. 

Hint : All working heights can be found on each product range page, next to each product! 

Hint : Don't forget to check any overhead obstructions! 

NEVER try to save money by choosing a lower model than is required! Reaching or straining should not happen when you pick the right step height! If you need any assistance when choosing your step please don't struggle, contact us, we are happy to help!
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