Walk Through Side Options

Need to exit off of the side of your platform? Maybe you need to access vehicle beds or machinery? We have several great options to suit your needs! Some of these exits come as standard on our Specialist Range of products, just check the products spec on the products page, to confirm which exits come with what units as standard.
EXWSC Side Chain - - 5+ 5+ 3+ 5+ 3+ 2+ 2+ 5+ 4+
EXWSG Side Gate - - 5+ 5+ 3+ 5+ 3+ 2+ 2+ 5+ 4+
EXWSB Side Lifting Bar - - 5+ 5+ 3+ 5+ 3+ 2+ - - -
EXWSR Removable Side - - - - - - - - 2+ 5+ -

Side Chain
Picture is shown, walk through side with chain & a 1 tread platform extension. 
The walk through side complete with chain is a great option for people who require an 'easy exit', customers mostly choose this option to access lorry beds and who need to step up onto mezzanine flooring or another level. When selecting the Walk Through Side With Chain, consider having at least a 1 tread platform extension with this side exit, it will give you more room to move through with items!

Side Gate
If you take Health & Safety seriously, then you may which to consider the walk through side with a gate! Its acts like a full side when not in use, giving the user full comfort when using the step. When you would like to exit the step, simply lift the gate out of the latch, all of our gates are 'universal opening', giving the user maximum flexibility. This exit comes with toe plate to the bottom of the gate, also consider having at least a 2 tread platform extension for additional exit room!

Side Lifting Bar
Picture is shown, walk through side with lifting bar & a 1 tread platform extension. 
The walk through side complete with lifting bar is a favourite amongst customers who don't have room to swing a full gate out, but who also want the same solid feeling as having a fixed side. The lifting bar acts as a 'full handrail' giving you peace of mind when using the platform. The bar is painted in contrast with the step to alert the user that there is a 'moving part' there and to take caution. The best thing about the lifting bar is it can be easily replaced if it gets damaged, which prevents you from having to purchase an entirely new unit! 

Removable Side

Image Coming Soon

We have added this option to our range of side exits for our selected specialist platforms, these sides fit to the Access Platforms & Truck-Dock ranges perfectly. Choose the removable side when you plan on working on your unit for long periods of time. Supplied to look and act like a fully welded side for general use, but when access to and from the platform is needed, just remove the side and hook it to the unit with the hooks provided! These are a big hit with health & safety officers. 

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