Here are some of our frequently asked questions, hopefully we have answered any questions you may have below, but if you can’t seem to find the answer that you are looking for or would just like more information on a particular subject then please feel free to contact us.
What is the Safe Working Load of my step?
I have very narrow aisles but I want the widest step possible.
I need to push the step up to a wall & walk off of the back.
What 'paperwork' comes with my product?
What finish do you offer?
Can I have the product in any other colour?
Whats the current lead time for one of your products? 
Where do you deliver to?
When can I expect delivery of my order?
Do you discount bulk deliveries?
Lead time for spare parts.
My product has been received damaged.
Failed attempted delivery of my product.
My goods are faulty, what do I do?
Do you offer on-site assessments?
My product and it has been damaged, can you repair it?
Returning the item to us for assessment.

Can I return my unwanted item(s)?
Restocking charges...
Can I return my Bespoke Item(s)?
Can I cancel my order ?
What warranty comes with my product?
My product maybe faulty...

Before Purchasing 

Q. What is the Safe Working Load of my step?
All of our Klime-Ezee mobile steps hold a safe working load of 300 Kg or 500 Kg and have been independently tested by a third party testing company, our test certificates can be located in our downloads section. To see what waiting each step has just visit its page. 

Q. I have very narrow aisles but I want the widest step possible, can you reduce the axle width so that it fits?
We can reduce the standard axle size down. This does however affect the height to base ratio of the steps, which would mean it must be used in the confines of an aisle or where it is supported on both sides at all times.

Q. I would like to use push the step up to a wall and walk off of the back, will the product enable me to do this?
Yes - Ask our sales team about the 'Flush Back' modification, we can straighten the back legs accordingly to fit ‘flush’ to the area its required. As standard the back legs of our step splay out about 3 degrees to increase stability.

Q. What 'paperwork' comes with my product?
Your product will arrive with the following paperwork & stickers attached...
  • An advice note will be attached to one of the lower treads, this has the delivery information and the reseller details and the products information (complete with serial number) this should be removed from the step and kept somewhere safe for future reference.
  • A Warranty Label will be attached to your product, this is located behind the lower treads (and should not be covered or removed), this has the product serial number, model number and is your warranty with the product. Click here to view an example. 
  • An important Safety Notice can be found attached to the toe plate or a plate under the treads, depending on which size product you have. This has all the do's and don'ts of using the product safely. This should be replaced immediately if it becomes damaged. Click here to view an example. 
  • Test certificates do not come with the product, however they can be found on our downloads page
Q. What finish do you offer?
All of our Klime-Ezee products have a high gloss, hard wearing, powder coated finish, see or downloads section for the powder coating information sheet. We do not offer wet spraying or galvanised finishes.

Q. Can I have the product in any other colour?
Yes – Our standard colours are Blue, Red and some products come in Yellow as standard, but we can spray almost ANY colour, however there my be an additional charge for. Before placing your order please specify a RAL number for the colour you require so that we may quote accordingly.

Q. Whats the current lead time for one of your products? 
Our lead times usually fluctuate between 5-12 working days, during normal periods our lead times range between 8-10 working days. They are then extended or reduced accordingly! When quoting by email or phone we will always advise our current lead times, however, should our lead times change or reduce prior to placing your order with us, then they will be adjusted accordingly on your order confirmation. Please note, that will all the best intensions in the world we will try to get your product there asap, because we believe that when you place your order you shouldn't have to wait! 

Delivery Of My Product

Q. Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Isle Of Man. Our delivery lead time and delivery costs depends on the required delivery destination.

Q. When can I expect delivery of my order?
All orders received are acknowledged back with an anticipated day of delivery. For standard items; we aim to get them delivered within 8-10 working days, if not before, however it does depend on the destination.

Q. What times do you deliver between?
Our drivers deliver between 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday, if you have specific opening hours then these should be noted on your order.

Q. Do you discount bulk deliveries?
When purchasing a large amount of products with us, we will always call our hauliers to see if they can offer any discount on carriage, sometimes though this is not possible especially if delivery is to a remote destination.

Q. How long does it take for delivery of spare parts?
We stock all replacement spares and the lead time from receipt of order is 2-3 working days for delivery.

Q. You attempted delivery of my product but nobody was available to sign for the item, what now?
We always advise an ANTICIPATED date of delivery, this means that we will attempt to deliver your item on or before the date acknowledged. As most customers always want their product as soon as possible we will get your item delivered on the next available vehicle, more often than not this is earlier than the anticipated date. If you DO have specific dates that you require delivery between then please let us know this at the time of order and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. 

Should we attempt delivery and nobody is available to sign for the goods, then we reserve the right to charge carriage to return the item to our factory and charge re-delivery of the item. We will advise the costs for this at the time of rejection. 

Q. I have received delivery of a Klime-Ezee product and it is damaged, what do I need to do?
If your goods are damaged or received in an unsatisfactory condition please reject the item so we can get a new one out to you! If the item can not be rejected, details MUST be noted on the drivers delivery note and our sales team must be notified in writing within 3 working days. Failure to do so may result in additional charges and additional lead time (which no one wants).

Q. You have delivered a product but we had provided the incorrect delivery address, can you collect & re-deliver the item to the correct address?
Yes, we are able to collect your goods and re-deliver them to their correct destination. We must receive your request in writing, along with the collection and delivery address to enable us to log your request and quote you accurately. Charges will include...
  • Collection charges from original destination
  • Admin charges
  • Re-delivery charges to correct destination
Q. My goods are faulty, what do I do?
We will offer to replace confirmed faulty goods at our cost after we have conducted a full assessment at our facility. Please contact your reseller who will contact our sales department to arrange this.

Maintenance Advice

Q. Do you offer on-site assessments?
We do not offer on-site assessments, however we can arrange for one of our Resellers to visit you.

Q. I purchased a Klime-Ezee product and it has been damaged, can you repair it?
Yes - The most common damage to our products is the wheels, we carry a full range of spares and replacement parts. However, if the damage is more severe we would need to inspect the item at our factory. You can view our Inspection Checklist & Inspection Guide in our Downloads section if you wish to assess the step yourself!

Should you wish to return the item to us for assessment...arrangements can be made for either yourself to return the item for assessment or we can collect it. Once we have received your enquiry, along with a picture of the warranty label, we will then log your details onto our returns system and send you a label for your item(s), you will need to attach this to the product(s) which will be returned to us. When we have your product(s) back with us a full assessment report will be completed by our factory then we will advise appropriate repair costs. Upon acceptance of the charges we will carry out the work and you may either collect or we can arrange for the item to be returned to you. The charges will be as follows...
  • Carriage to collect the item 
  • Carriage charge to re-deliver the item
  • Full assessment is free of charge
  • Repair charges
PLEASE contact us along with sending a picture of your valid warranty label, to obtain a returns number prior to arranging your own transport.

Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

Q. Can I return my unwanted item(s)?
If for whatever reason you wish to return an item, you may do this by advising us in writing, at any time up to 14 days after receiving your goods. Please contact us direct if you are a reseller of our goods or your reseller if you use the goods on your own site and ensure we are made aware of your intention in writing, along with a picture of a valid warranty label prior to returning the item(s), we will then advise the return charges and a unique reference number, after they have been accepted we can restock the goods. 

The item must not be damaged in any way and must be in a condition to be resold by us.

Q. Restocking charges...
  • You will incur carriage both ways to collect and return the item(s)
  • Between 18 to 25 percent (of our current list price) handling charge, depending on the product range, 
  • Full cost of any modifications or extras applied to the product
  • Any refurbishment and any administration costs for any goods returned due to the buyer’s own error.
  • Any spares are subject to admin charges and return carriage 
Please Note: that we will not refund the original delivery cost for the goods. Once the goods have been inspected at our factory we will issue the relevant refund against the original invoice. You can view our Terms & Conditions of Sale in the downloads section.

Q. Can I return my Bespoke Item(s)?
If you have a bespoke item we will not accept it back for restock, this is because your item has been custom built for your specific needs.

Q. Can I cancel my order ?
You may cancel your order at any time prior to despatch by sending in writing your order number and our confirmation number, along with the reasons you wish to cancel your order. As we manufacture everything to order you may incur a charge if the items manufacturing has already begun. If the goods have been despatched it will be the customers responsibility for the cost to return of the goods, unless otherwise agreed with ourselves.

Warranty & Making A Claim 

Q. What warranty comes with my product?
In addition to all benefits conferred on the buyer by statute, the seller guarantees the workmanship of goods offered for a period of twelve months (unless otherwise stated) from the date of sale, provided that:
  • It is established to the reasonable satisfaction of the seller that some part of the material used in the manufacture was defective, or there is evidence of poor workmanship. 
  • The goods have been subjected to misuse or abuse of any kind. 
  • This warranty does not extend to fair wear and tear.  
The seller operates a return to base warranty, all items must be returned to Klime-Ezee for inspection at the warrantee's cost, if the item is deemed to be faulty the item will be repaired and retuned to the warrantee at the sellers cost.

Q. My product maybe faulty...
If you think your product maybe faulty and you need some advice or think it needs repairing, please contact either ourselves or your reseller immediately. To enable us to give you the best possible advice and sort your query out efficiently, please send us the following information...
  • A picture of the products warranty label, this must be valid! It should show the products model reference, serial number and date. This is located behind (or under on some older models) the 2nd tread up. 
  • A photo of the area which may have a fault or a video of the problem.
We will accept purchase orders through Klime-Ezee approved resellers, if you wish to source a reseller, please contact us so we can put you in touch with a distributor.
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