Warranty Label

All of our products have a safety notice & warranty label attached to them, the warranty label is to show the model reference, its unique serial number, the date of its final inspection and who inspected your product prior to its departure from Klime-Ezee. It is very important that this label is kept visible and remains attached to the product, if the sticker is covered or removed then your warranty on the product becomes invalid. 

Label Location
Depending on which model & product you have the label will be located on either the 2nd or 3rd tread up or underneath a shelf if the unit is a trolley for example.  

Warranty Claims
If you have any issues with our products and need to contact us for more information, then we may ask to see a picture of the valid warranty label. In certain instances we will be unable to proceed without seeing the label, such as claims for repairs, restocking, returns enquiries and warranty claims.

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